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Complete C2 Limited Edition

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• Low-noise,1,200–watt Miele-made Vortex Motor™
• Suction control via rotary dial with 6 settings
• Lightweight skeleton construction
• Optional HEPA AirClean filter (HA50)
• Lightweight, telescopic, stainless steel wand
• Turbo Comfort turbobrush(STB 205-3)



The Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition is an excellent residential canister vacuum cleaner for a number of compelling reasons. Perhaps most notable are the useful Miele vacuum attachments that this model includes. For example, the included STB205-3 turbo nozzle is an excellent device for cleaning low and medium pile carpets, and the SBD285-3 combination floor brush makes cleaning hardwood floors and area rugs simple and easy. Additionally, the canister features on-board tool storage, so you can conveniently store the included attachments: the dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. They will be on-hand when you need them for a particular cleaning task you encounter.

This vacuum is incredibly simple to use, thanks in part to its lightweight skeleton design and 33 ft cleaning radius. Additionally, this vacuum comes witffh a useful stainless steel telescopic wand, which you can use in conjunction with the flexible vacuum hose. Additionally, this vacuum features a suction control rotary dial on the top of the canister with 6 different settings, appropriate for cleaning different types of surfaces.

This vacuum comes equipped with the Miele AA30 AirClean filter, but it can also be used with an optional Miele HEPA AirClean HA50, which is the highest quality filter that you can get for your Miele vacuum cleaner.


Complete C2 canister vacuum
Item Number:
Canary Yellow
1200-Watt, Miele Manufactured Vortex Motor
Suction Control:
Rotary Dial with 6 Settings
AirClean Sealed System with AirClean filter
Bag Type:
G/N (spring-loaded, self-sealing collar)
Bag Capacity:
4.76 quart
 Net Weight:  19.40 Lbs
Accessories Included:
STB205-3 Turbo Comfort Turbobrush
  SBD285-3 AllTeQ Combination carpet/smooth floor tool
  SSP10 Dusting Brush
  Standard Upholstery Tool
  SFD10 Standard Crevice tool
  Telescopic stainless steel wand
Lightweight skeleton design
Cleaning Radius:
33-foot radius
7-Year Motor Warranty
  7-Year Casing Warranty
  1-Year Warranty on all other components

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty Warranty

7-Year Housing and Motor Warranty

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1. Anonymous User on 2/12/2016, said:

The Miele Marin is the highest quality, most effective, quietest, reliable, easy to use, and exceeded my expectations! It is lightweight, quiet, excellent suction for multiple surfaces, quality in construction, everything advertised, and did I say “quality construction”, yes I did, but it should be stated repeatedly! I appreciate German engineering even more. Could not be happier with my purchase of the Miele Marin!

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